Travis Remp

Travis is one of the original members of Bicycle.Net when the team began to expand in 2013. His roots in cycling began as a kid who loved to build dirt jumps in his backyard and took an interest in anything with two wheels. In high school he discovered he was accident-prone which included many dislocated shoulders from both wrestling tournaments and dirt-bike accidents, so he took up cross-country and track to still satisfy his need to compete.
After high school, Travis immediately went to trade school to become a lineman where he met future teammate Hector Castro, both being BMX punks. When Travis received his Certificate of Completion to be a lineman he soon realized he was very much afraid of heights, deciding to go back to junior college to pursue a different career but also partaking in Cross-Country and Track meeting his most influential coach, Mark Covert. From Covert, Travis learned true work-ethic and how to suffer. After his 2-year eligibility of competing, he picked up a road-bike and soon joined Bicycle.Net Racing Team.
Now-a-days Travis trains everyday while balancing his job at Panda Express, trying to be the best cyclist he can before he has to quit cycling and get a real job.