Mt Whitney Stage Race

Race Report Stage 2 by Manuel Aguilar

Coming in to this race I didn't train much climbing for it, but I dropped some weight (because of the power to weight ratio, you guys know the deal). So me, JT and Sholom get to the race with only 2 hours of sleep (we drove from LA to Lone Pine that same morning) with only coffee and peanut butter sandwich and muffin for breakfast. The race starts with the usual climbers of our team in the front. I stay near hoping maybe I can stay with them for a while, but once I noticed I was hitting the red I had to back off and settle into my pace, just trying to survive ... I get to the Horseshoe Meadows climb, I had heard from my team mate Bryan that it was favorite climb. I saw why: it was the toughest, but most amazing climb I ever did and I made it through in a decent time of 4 hours and 7 seconds. Would I ever do this again? Anytime!

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