Ride The Black Line #4

RTBL #4 saw probably the largest group of racers yet, and we had a very special guest participating as well: One of LA's racing legends, Justin Williams, gave us the honor and dominated the Group A.

Another surprise of the night was Pedro Martinez. Aerodynamic carbon bikes and spandex could not beat his classic steal bike and his lose T-shirt, such a strong and upcoming racer.

Below are the official results and photos, see you at the next RTBL on Wednesday, August 24, 2016.

OFFICAL RESULTS GROUP A: 1ST Place: Justin Williams; 2nd Place: Angel Munoz; 3rd Place: Cameron Bond GROUP B: 1ST Place: Kirk Arellana; 2nd Place: Hern Montenegro; 3rd Place: Josmar Gomez GROUP C: 1ST Place: Pedro Martinez; 2nd Place: Joan Flores; 3rd Place: Ernest Mendoza GROUP Women: 1ST Place: Jordon Ellison; 2nd Place: Lee O’Reilly; 3rd Place: Ana Arguezo

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