Sherman Pass Road Race Report

Me and Zack left Friday morning to caravan with Boyhan, Einhard, and honorary teammate Stephan to drive up to Ridgecrest/9mile canyon area. We pre-rode the easy part of the course and did some openers, afterwards Me and Zack went to the hotel to mentally prepare for the sufferfest, while the others decided to camp at altitude to be one with nature. Next morning, Rolled up to the start to a cool 90degrees, did pre-race rituals, then found a friend/ spirit animal "Bill the Badass Bee" who decided he needed a ride via my top-tube. Race starts and 2 miles in the pace is furious up first climb (10mile @ 9% avg). I backed-off after the 5-mile mark and didn't see Bill anymore (probably because i was sweating profusely), then just set my tempo and having to ditch my wonderful LAZER SS-1 glasses because the amount of sweat dripping down them. Made it to the first KOM and caught an old racing buddy, but didn't accept a bottle that i thought i didn't need (big mistake). I caught a few more guys on the rolling up-hill section, afterward we drilled the descent together and that is when i noticed i had no water in any of my bottles. Into the next climb i was able to get a cold bottle from someone else's SAG but the damage had already been done. The slower pace had my legs tightening up so i decided to set the pace loosing 2 people but a strong junior was able to stay with. We formed a truce and decided we didn't want the guy behind us to catch-up so we drilled it through the next set of rolling hills even though our legs were fatigued with 25miles/ 1.5hours left. With 10miles of uphill left, dehydration and malnourishment from only eating gels and fruit gummies, my comrade the junior was gracious enough to pace me the rest of the way with me helping where i can. 2Km to go, I let him go only finishing 1 minute behind him. I finished 4th place with a time of 3hours, 37minutes missing my target of 3.5hours. Overall, pleased by my performance and a huge thanks to everyone who was involved this weekend.

Another good race report by our team member Zack aka Mr Ciclavalley:

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