Ride the Black Line #2

The RTBL summer series continued with the 2nd out of 6 events at the Encino Velodrome. Riders raced in the scratch race, miss'n'out and win'n'out, race points counting towards the overall omnium.

The BicycleDotNet Racing Team dominated the B-Group races with 6 riders. Jonathan Tessler raced onto the podium, for 2nd place, with fantastic support by Breakawaymanny, Ozzy, Antonio, Brock McStallion and Justin.

Here are the results:


1st Riley Nguyen

2nd Lynn Kennedy

3rd Sonja Bosse


Group C:

1st Pedro Martinez

2nd David Lovelace

3rd Brett Goff

Group B:

1st Kevin Risiglione

2nd Jonathan Tessler (BicycleDotNet Racing Team)

3rd Josh Belhaneda

Group A:

1st Noah Schlosser

2nd Kevin Hernandez

3rd Manuel Barra

Next RTBL #3 is on Wednesday, July 20, 2016.

More Photos:

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