Travis Remp takes 10th place at Elizabeth Lake Road Race

This was my hometown race and i was coming off a really good training block and felt really good about podium-ing. The wind had a different plan. Normally I'm use to 15-25mph winds but this fateful day had 25-35mph winds with 50mph gusts, anyways we started the race and immediately went into the climb with gnarly crosswind that turned into gnarly headwind. Pace was mellow the whole climb varying from 8mph to 4mph and a couple people falling over from touching wheels. After the back section of the course it went into a 10second hill that sent you into the descent, and having knowledge of the course i made it over the hill first and went into a tuck with 30mph crosswinds. Needless to say it was pretty sketchy with big tumbleweeds flying out into the road. Afterwards we began our way back to the start/finish with 3 echelon groups lining the road. Lap 2 some guy broke away on the descent and we never saw him again. Lap 3 winds got stronger and we were getting sand blasted and 2 more guys broke away on the descent (I was tired from covering attacks on the climb). At that point it was getting really dangerous to ride on the course with wind blowing people over the centerline and sand pelting us like a motocross race. By the final lap i really didn't want to continue to race but everybody else went for the 4th lap so i continued. There was 3 up the road and we were a group of 10 (started with 31), many tried to breakaway on the climb but all failed. I then found myself first over the knuckle that went into the descent and put a 10second gap on the field. I maintained my gap all the way to the last corner which was really tricky but the crosswind was just too much for just 2miles into the finish. 4 of us made an echelon that looked like a wall and it was pretty much the slowest drag-race ever to the finish. With 100meters to go someone broke the wall and started to sprint to the finish, I reacted but the legs were toast, and ended up 10th overall. Course was dope and glad to see a lot of my friends came out to see me, the wind harshed my mellow, but hope this race is bigger and better next year.

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