Nik Bales

I'm a runner turned into a cyclist. Ever since I can remember I've always wanted to get into cycling. That dream is now a reality. While growing up and doing other endurance sports such as long track speed skating, (Running) XC, track and field - I'd watch a cyclist go by and wish to myself that I could take up the sport of cycling as a youngin but was unable to get the support needed to get into the sport. Now being a little older and having a career and team support; as soon I was able to buy a bike I fully submerged myself into road bike racing and mountain bike racing. Climbing and descending go hand in hand when it comes to relating my life with cycling. Like anything good in life you have to suffer on the climbs to enjoy the views and the down hill. Hopefully I'll be cycling for as long as I live and achieve my lifetime goal as a lifetime athlete.