Judith Feldman

At age 45, I made a commitment to ride a 100 mile bike ride when I turn 50.
I was given some advice that I should train with Jonathan Tessler (JT), leader of Bicycle.net.
On my 50th birthday, I rode America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride Century around Lake Tahoe. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride, the training and loved being on the bike. I finished the ride in 6.5 hours and felt great.
What I thought was going to be a one time thing, turned into a insatiable passion!
I continued to ride my bike, trained and joined the Bicycle.net team. A year later I did the same Century in Lake Tahoe in 5.5 hours, cutting my time by an hour!
The rest is history...... today I continue to pursue my passion of cycling by going on 60-70 mile training rides, doing charity 100 mile bikes, mountain biking, cross races and recently started doing Crit Races. I also enjoy riding on the Velodrome and I still get trained by JT to always get better on the bike.
So what started as a dare to myself to do something drastic at 50, turned into an amazing passion and hobby that keeps me fit, young and healthy.
As for the future, I intend to continue to ride and race bikes and I am always looking for the next bike adventure!