Jonathan Tessler

As a kid I started out as a long distance runner chasing my father, always trying to best him at the marathon of the month. But it was not until college that I discovered riding a bicycle as a sport. Thanks to Greg Lemond I was exposed to the world of competitive cycling, and Dave Scott exposed me to the world of triathlon. Since then I have completed over 100 triathlons, and finished both Ironman Triathlons I started.  I have also been entered in over 400 bicycle races of all types.
I compete in Road racing (CAT3), Crit (CAT3), Track (CAT4), Cyclocross (CAT3), and Mountain bike (CAT2).
I love riding, I love racing, but most important, I love the joy that I get from riding my bikes. And getting to do it with my kids and teammates.