Einhard Buchheim

Growing up in a small town in Northern Germany I started riding my bike to school when I was 11 years old, rain or shine. I was the first one to wear a bike helmet in my town, they weren't the law yet. Some kids laughed at me, I thought they were cool. Soon, more and more kids started wearing bike helmets.

I started racing road and criterium races in 2012. I joined the Bicycle.Net Racing Team after my 4th race in CAT5, I had crashed... clumsily after the race was over. Our team founder JT must have been impressed by my embarrassing moment, and I was a team member shortly after.

Riding my bicycle meant freedom and independence early on, and it has taught me important life lessons: it can be challenging and difficult at times. It's incredibly fulfilling. It'll take you far and it'll set you back, but you keep going, always!