Daniel Koleshchuk

Howdy! My name is Daniel Koleshchuk. I am a 17 year old San Fernando Valley based guy who is obsessed with bikes, even though I don’t ride much. In my life, I prioritize my school work, and strive to be on top of my game and be the best I can be in whatever I focus on. My favorite aspect to cycling is not only the great people and the love for getting on a bike and going somewhere you didn’t think you’d be able to, but fun project-like aspect to building the bike that you want after starting on the entry level. Two years ago, when I started my freshman year of high school, I had just bought my first fixie. It was the same first bike that everyone starts off on. A sophomore was locking his bike up and I was just amazed. It was a Leader frameset with a trispoke in the front. From then on, I knew I wanted something like that, and so the cycling passion began. To this day, that kid that had the Leader and I are very close friends. He’s also the reason I started going to the Encino Velodrome on a regular basis.

I joined Bicycle.Net Racing Team because I wanted to make more out of my love for the bike. What I love about this team is the amazing group of cyclists that make this team one that I am proud of being part of. My ultimate goal is generally becoming a stronger cyclist so I can compete in various races on and off the track, and I am also looking forward to the life lessons that are a part of this potentially fatal obsession we call cycling.