Bryan Boyhan

It all started in the suburbs of New Orleans. My friends and I would all ride around the city as a way to get to friends’ houses. Love for doing wheelies and other tricks just came naturally. I got a subscription to BMX Plus! Magazine and fell in love with street-style riding. This continued when I moved to Orlando and my friends and I would build our own ramps and ride all summer long.
Rock and roll took me away from the bike for a few years. But I did bring a road bike in the RV on a cross-country tour with the band and that gave me time to decompress and provided much needed stress relief from the tribulations of tour. That’s when I fell in love with riding again.
As soon as I moved to Los Angeles I got a bike and commuted everywhere. I think riding is the best way to learn a city. Not just directionally, but also what’s going on culturally. It’s the best perspective. I ended up leaving the music industry and around the same time got a nicer road bike and started racing. It quickly became an obsession and since then have been trying to cover every road in the state of California by bike.